Teever Feb Newsletter – The Meet Market @ Romantso

2 0 1 7 and we are Back! Back with new ideas and more to come =) The season has started and we are so so excited for all the new things that will follow the year. First stop for 2017 Meet Market @ Romantso

The Meet Market- ΡΟΜΑΝΤΣΟ
Σάββατο 25 & Κυριακή 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2017
Αναξαγόρα 3-5, Ομόνοια
Υπόγειο, Ισόγειο & 1ος Όροφος


A very special market in special clearance price for everything in our collection! Teever : Outlines is up in our website and will be along in Romantso! not much to say here come visit us and see it your self =)


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