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Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Written on
A fashion verdict: Teever is the coolest Athenian brand right now.
Written on / 10/03/2015

Daily Secret World

Written on
Teever – Shoot for the stars.
Written on / 17/11/2014

Glafki's Dolce Vita

Written on
Stavros belongs to those people who took a step further and driven by their imagination, launched a new brand that has already caused sensation.
Written on / 22/07/2013

VPS Confidential

Written on
The creator of Teever, Amarantidis Stavros, told us that someone can frame the T-Shirt that he/she will buy and place it as a painting on the wall.
Written on / 04/07/2013


Written on
The new project of Teever brand is the Homebody series and includes a collection of decorative linen pillows decorated with brightly colored designs inspired by geometric shapes.
Written on / 12/06/2013

Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Written on
The original idea was unique clothing, designed for each individual! Designs and colors are always different and there are no identical T-Shirts!
Written on / 05/06/2013