Trying to Create Unique Things!




“Teever (comes from Tees and Fever) Clothing was created in Athens Greece fulfilling the need to escape from the mass fashion production and focus on groups of people who prefer a unique garment that is handmade.”


“Teever Prints combine Fashion with Art, Geometry – Asymmetry, Native and Folk Elements, Nature and its Surrounding in Black and White T-shirts. Playing with colours is a main purpose as well.”


“Apart from the Clothing Line of T-shirts & Hoodies, Teever presented a Collection of Canvas Shoes with Funky Prints, Accessories including Bags and Jewellery Designed by Teever – and a Homeware project under the alias of “Homebody”. If you are into collectibles, “One Piece” items are often available.”


“We use quality materials, that’s why we have the best result in garment and design. Prints are made of Plastisol Inks, Cotton and Heat Transfer Vinyls.”


“People at Teever are always on the look for alternative trends – Inspired by Nu Media Art and Music. A series of Mixtapes that you can Find / Listen to, is up on our Youtube Account, a Tumblr account for Inspiration, a Facebook page to interact with our fans and our Instagram account with Sneak Previews of upcoming staff!”

“Go Teever!!!”